Why is my blog revenue so low? How to increase it ?

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blog revenue
Why is my blog revenue so low? How to increase it ? 3

blog revenue Increase

blog revenue: people who blog in part due to the fact they need to earn some extra money frequently ask the query:”Why is my sales so low?” There are individuals who think that blogs actually can not generate plenty cash. they’re wrong! blog can generate you the equal amount of money if not more in comparison to another internet site. blog revenue Now im speaking approximately p.c (Pay according to click) sorces of sales inclusive of google adsense here.

the principle trouble i’ve noticed is that human beings generally tend to concentrate on wider markets. in case you are jogging a personal diary type of blog, the possibilities are that there are thousands of similar blog revenue round.

The extra competition you’ve got, the harder it will likely be with a purpose to make a few coins. as a substitute try focusing on smaller markets additionally called area of interest markets. now not best it will likely be less difficult so as to increase the visitors, the CPC (cost per click) need to also be higher due to advertisers call for exceeding publishers deliver.

blog revenue
Why is my blog revenue so low? How to increase it ? 4

Secondly you want to have a completely unique promoting point. You need to offer your readers some thing that nobody else does. This need to genuinely help you get returning traffic.

finally it’s the ads themselves. You need to channel your ads. This manner you may be able to measure your advert block’s overall performance. one of the maximum crucial things is to test. try different ad codecs, colorings and positioning.

Run your setup for a few weeks, word the overall performance and attempt some thing extraordinary. Even if you suppose you’ve got observed the finest ad setup hold on looking to improve it. In maximum cases you can constantly tweak something to make your advert performance better.

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